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Health Promoting Schools Initiative

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Category Emergency Preparedness , Road Traffic Safety , Health Development , Intersectoral collaboration , Health Promoting Schools

City : Sahand

Date started and scope of work

Health promoting schools initiative has started since 2015 in 6 schools and now it is expanded to 20 schools in Sahand. Health promoting schools initiative has started since 2015 in 6 schools and now it is expanded to 20 schools in Sahand.

Implementation process

The Health Promoting Schools (HPS) initiative aimed to promote and establish the concepts of health and healthy lifestyle among students, teachers and parents. In order to implement this program in Sahand, first an inter-sectoral policy-making committee was formed with the participation of related organizations. The committee coordinated cross-sectoral programs in schools.


After selecting the schools to implement the program based on their potentials, health promoting school committee in each school was formed, with the presences of education office and health center representatives, the school principal, the representative of teachers, students and parents. According to the national health promoting school standards, a checklist has been prepared as internal and external audits, which internal audit was done by the school principal and external audit by the health staff (caregivers, environmental health experts, mental health and nutrition experts) and education office representative.


Various initiatives implemented in HPSs that includes the followings; Creating a health bulletin to convey health messages, implementing the Student Health Ambassadors Program, Providing Healthy Breakfast, Waste Separation Program, Creating a Mobile Traffic Training Park, Screening Student Health status, Social Injury Prevention Empowerment Program for Students, Parents and teachers, first aid training and preparation for crisis situations in schools, physical activity promotion programs in schools.

These programs were implemented in collaboration with the Education organization, the Health center, the Welfare Department, the police, the firefighting, the Red Crescent, the medical emergency services, the municipality, and the Parents and Teachers Association as a community group.

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Health Education

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Emergency preparedness and response education for students

  • Informing and empowering students in various fields such as healthy lifestyle, high-risk behaviors, traffic safety, healthy nutrition, oral health and prevention of infectious diseases, etc.
  • Empowering students as health ambassadors for peer education
  • Emphasizing the role of the Parents and Teachers Association in promoting school health
  • Improving the preparedness and response of schools, students and teachers in emergencies
  • Strengthening structural and non-structural safety standards in schools
  • Strengthening the attitude of city managers to the role of cross-sectoral participation in promoting student safety and health