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Shahidan Dady Charity Group- Public participation

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Category Local Skills Development , Women empowerment , Social harms prevention , Public Empowerment , Community Participation

City : Sahand

Date started and scope of work

Since 2014, charity works has started in the mosque located on the slum region of Sahand city and a charity center named after the great martyrs of Dadi has been established. Since 2018, with the help of charities, empowerment, economic and job creation activities have been started, which has created employment for 60 people so far.

Implementation process

Due to the presence and residence of vulnerable people in Mehr housing in Sahand, in order to support vulnerable families and empower local people, this idea was implemented in the neighborhood mosque. Initially, the activities were in the form of charity and support for vulnerable families. Due to the welcome of donors and the proposal of the members of the mosque council, empowerment and economic activities in 2018 became active.

By identifying and attracting the women of the neighborhood, this center trains and empowers them in the field of sewing, carpet weaving and other local arts. With the support of donors, 3 workshops with complete equipment for sewing and carpet weaving have been set up, which employ about 60 people. At present, with the pursuit of the authorities of this charity center, clothes and carpets are exported to neighboring countries such as Iraq and Turkey, and this, in addition to generating income for working women, also includes currency for the country.

In addition to economic activities, the center also organizes cultural programs such as teaching English to women and children, teaching the Qur'an, addiction and social harms prevention programs.

During the Corona epidemic, the center sewed and distributed hospital masks and gawns. It was also one of the main centers for providing support packages to families affected by coronary heart disease.

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1- Empowerment and job creation for more than 60 women in Sahand

2- Creating belief in people and benefactors for more participation in popular activities

3- Using the existing potentials in the city to launch and develop public activities

4- Generating income for people working in the workshop and currency for the country