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Environmentally friendly neighborhood pilot

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Category Local Skills Development , Women empowerment , Environmental Health , Public Empowerment , Community Participation

City : Maragheh

Date started and scope of work

Non-governmental organization Talaya Daran Noor Iman started its activity in 2016. With the onset of the Corona virus, the gatherings decreased and the activities of this institution were focused on environmental protection with the approach of separating waste from the source because families were often at home and had a lot of time to cultivate and work in this field.

A working group was formed to achieve the goals of the waste separation program, whose goals were:

1. Protecting the environment from pollutants

2. Protecting people's health

3. Reducing diseases such as cancer, liver failure, skin diseases, hair loss, etc.

4. Preventing the extinction of plants, animals, trees

5. Preventing the non-production of waste leachate, which has the highest pollution


Implementation process

The working group initially engaged in educational activities regarding waste separation, and in this regard, 65 families were trained in 1401 and 135 families were trained in 1402.

Also, educational sessions were held for parents, teachers and students by visiting a number of preschool schools, including Aftab, Mahde janan, Maryam, Derakhshi and Berenji Anzab schools.

Among other activities of this working group is holding meetings with relevant organizations and introducing the activities and goals of the working group, and these meetings were held with organizations such as the Environmental Protection Department and the municipality. The result of holding these meetings was to get the cooperation of the municipality to pilot the Sabzichiha alley for the implementation of the waste separation plan. Among the actions carried out in this neighborhood include painting and coloring the walls of the alley with the slogans of environmental protection and waste segregation, holding training on the principles of waste segregation at the mosque and schools of the neighborhood for households living in the neighborhood, and implementing waste segregation at the source by There were a number of families living in the neighborhood.

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Holding the training class in the target neighborhood:

Examples of actions related to waste separation:



- Increasing the awareness of the neighborhood people about the dangers of cigarette butts and the benefits of waste separation

- Cultivation about waste segregation among the people of the neighborhood